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In the summer of 2016, Anne sits in her late husband’s arm chair in the house where they had spent over sixty years together. Despite being surrounded by family, she misses him terribly as she reminisces about their time together on this earth, thinking back on all the miracles and wonders they had shared, as well as the struggles and disappointments.

Anne’s youngest granddaughter Eva enters the room carrying an old tin box – a box that had been forgotten, placed in the back of a close more than fifty years ago. A box that contained what Anne used to consider her treasures. As Anne looks through the contents of the box, memories of her past instantly overwhelm her-memories dating back to 1939 when she was just a young girl of fourteen. Some memories are joyful, some painful, and some she would just as soon forget. When her family begins to inquire about the box and it’s contents, Anne is hesitant to share her story. Should she reveal the story of her past? Could she? For the box not only contains distant memories…it contains secrets as well.



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All three Books in the Decoris series are now available on Amazon.

Book One – The Revealing

Book Two – The Betrayal

Book Three – The Redemption